Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Milk Formula

Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Milk Formula


Baby Care Formula Growing Up Baby Goat Stage 3: Milk From 1-Year (900g)

Nanny Care Stage 3 goat formula is specially designed for children between the age of 1 to 3, as an added benefit to a diverse and balanced nutritious diet. With an ounce of powdered formula in each container, Nanny Care Stage 3 is a moderately nutritious product.

It is an important time to develop nutritional practices that have a profound influence on our children’s overall well-being and health. To help your child’s development and growth as well as fill the gaps by introducing solid foods, formulas for Nanny Care are created using premium full-cream goat’s milk which is 100% pure.

A group of farms committed to creating exclusively milk that is the perfect goat milk that is especially appropriate for babies and children in the early years Nanny Care infant and toddler formulas are manufactured in New Zealand. Nanny Care, which was awarded EU accreditation in the year 2014 is now in the top group with infant and toddler milk that claims to be made with only the finest natural ingredients, free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and steroid chemicals, as well as hazardous metals. In addition, Nanny Care chooses to make use of a blend of vegetable oils instead of possibly harmful ingredients like the palm oil of coconut.

It is important to know that this item is prone to dents quickly. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer replacements/discounts on minor dents (even the replacements could be dented again). Instead, we’re willing to offer an additional full refund after the item has been returned. We make sure to double-check and will only ship new items in excellent quality. If you’re uncomfortable about this, think about purchasing a different product that comes in a package. Cans that are damaged are acceptable to consume except if the formula powder was released and exposed to air.