• Suitable after 10 months onward
  • 400g per box
  • One fluid ounce of formula to be prepared
  • Premium Organic Biodynamic Goat’s Milk
  • No Artificial Chemicals or Preservatives
  • New HTML0 now includes DHA in fish oils.
  • No GMO ingredients
  • It is easy to swallow
  • Gluten and Soy-free
  • Organic and biodynamically certified 100 100%

It’s likely that you’re working the Holle Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula. this formula Holle Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula or perhaps you’re considering changing brands or trying goat milk for the first time. We’re sure the child you choose to purchase this formula will be happy and you’ll be happy with the decision you made, both because of the wonderful taste that is made from only natural ingredients and the fact that it’s made with none of the artificial flavors or colors. Each box weighs 400 grams.

Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 3. is gentle stomach and easy to digest, and gives children peace and peace of mind in their hectic life. A simple digestion process means greater absorption of vital nutrients, vitamins and other nutrients. That means a healthier, stronger child who is more in achieving their constantly changing milestones in development.

Your child is probably exploring chewy, chewy and mushy food items and solid foods Perhaps they’re interested in cereals or porridges. Holle Stage 3 Goat Milk organic formula is a fantastic addition to solids and ensures that you’re giving a balanced and balanced diet for your toddler.

Holle Organic Goat Milk Stage 3 is high with omega 3 and iron, as well in calcium that can aid the growth. In this stage, the nutritional requirements of your toddler are more important. It’s hard to know whether you’re providing them with enough quantities from the wide variety of foods that you’re trying. Certain items are rejected while others were eaten. However, with Holle Goat Level 3 you’re giving your toddler an energy boost by providing vital nutrients.

Holle Goat Milk is sugar-free and has no added sugar added. There is no gluten, corn syrup, or soy. It’s free of preservatives and it is also free of color. If you’re an environmentally conscious and nature-loving parent, it’s an extremely satisfying recipe to pick.

It’s a safe formula derived from goats that is made with the finest organic goat milk that is organically produced in Germany. Biodynamic labels give parents confidence that their animals are raised in a an environment that is natural, with ample space and shelter, and are not contaminated of GMOs chemicals, pesticides or.