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Holle is a shining light in the world for European formulas, boasting an extensive track record and highly rated by parents. It is now easier than ever before to purchase Holle baby formula from Canada

Beginning in to the sixth month of

  • 1 box contains 1 secure bag
  • 400g (14.1 ounces).
  • Easy to take in.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Simple preparation.
  • EU organically certified.

Holle goat milk Formula Phase 2 appropriates from 6 months and is suitable to supplement special bottle-feeding or bust milk.

Holle assures you that each stage is designed to meet the nutritional needs that your baby. It is made with carefully selected ingredients and top EU goat milk that is 100% natural. Its EU Organic logo design assurances the strictest respect for EU organic standards and the care taken with the raw materials used in the production of.

Their formulas are made up of the 99% of natural ingredients and some of the other 1% of minerals and vitamins, which are essential for infant’s development. The increase in starch during phase 2 is included to making the formula smooth and full of.

Other important ingredients are organic vegetable oils, which are rich in fatty acids. At the end of The 10th month has passed, it’s recommended to move up towards Holle goat Milk Formula Stage 3.

Holle Organic Goat Milk Formula.
Holle Biography milk has been one of the most renowned infant formula manufacturers in Europe with over 80 years of experience and the most high-quality standards available. One of the first to be accredited as an official Demeter company and currently one of the top Demeter licensed food companies for children.

Demeter farms work in harmony with the natural world in a biodynamic way with respect to pets and plants. Farmers raise their livestock on natural farmyards with a humane and nurturing environment. The cows are able to roam freely and forage on the fertile European biodynamic fields as well as the pastures.

They stay clear of painful procedures that include dehorning cows, which can affect the digestion process. The horns keep them from causing discomfort for the cows, but it also aids in keeping the milk quality high and also helps in their metabolism.

Holle’s organic ingredients and the entire Demeter farms are inspected each year to ensure the best possible security. Holle’s requirements extend well beyond the standard natural certification, and their transparency in their components is vital when creating their Formula.

  • No hormones, steroids prescription antibiotics, GMO ingredient.
  • There is no egg, wheat fluoride, or other chemicals.
  • Does not contain wild rice syrup or DHA-ARA.
  • The most prestigious European Organic requirements.
  • From organic farming without chemicals.
  • 100g infant formula powder is composed of 360ml of whole cream milk.
  • From the long-lasting agriculture.

Irritant affirmation: Contains milk.