Holle Bio stage 4 Infant formula

Holle Bio stage 4 Infant formula


Holle Bio stage 4 Infant formula

  • The perfect fit for infants ranging aged one to three years old.
  • 600g per box
  • Makes 150 fluid ounces using a formula that has been prepared
  • Organic high-quality dairy products recognized by Demeter.
  • No synthetic chemicals, preservatives , or GMOs
  • It is easy to swallow
  • Perfect for feeding bottles and making porridges.
  • Ingredients are sourced from biodynamic farming

Holle Stage four baby formula is a healthy option for toddlers who are 12 months old or more. In healthy eating, Holle Bio 4 can be combined with other food items like cereals, or even mashed fruit , to give your child greater nutrients. Each box contains 600 grams.

At the age of 12 months, your child will likely be eating a variety of food items. There might be the odd sippy cup of milk for toddlers at night, especially prior to bedtime. If you’re searching for the most natural toddler formula that you can use to improve the diet of your child you’ve come across it in this article by Holle.

Holle 4 Formula contains a specific ratio of proteins that’s perfect to meet the needs of growing children during this critical stage in their growth. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids that are made by the organic oils of vegetables. They are essential for stimulating the brain’s development. They aren’t something your body naturally produces.

The mixture of vitamins and minerals contained in Holle’s Stage 4 helps meet the needs of development of toddlers as they explore their world. The ingredients are free of artificial chemicals or preservatives. They contain no GMOs and also added sugar or gluten. The formula is suitable for small stomachs and is a good option for children who struggle with digestion.

The milk used in this recipe for growing originates from cows fed by biodynamic farmers. These farms ensure that the animals are treated with respect , and given plenty of space to move free. They also strive to sustainably treat the earth so that they can protect the environment for future generations. Holle is not just the best option for your child , but it’s the best option for the planet too.