Hipp Dutch Stage 3 – Organic Baby Formula

Hipp Dutch Stage 3 – Organic Baby Formula


Hipp Dutch Stage 3 – Organic Baby Formula

Following any follow-on milk, Hipp Dutch Stage organic baby formula can be used. Children have specific nutritional needs from the 12th month onwards. HiPP 3 Combiotik Growth Milk can provide your child with the critical building blocks for growth they need.

It contains protein customized to the needs of youngsters, as well as vital vitamins and minerals that may help in their development. HiPP 3 Dutch Growth Milk is a cup-drinkable formula for babies and toddlers up to one year.

Lactose is the only carbohydrate in the HiPP Formula, making it as pure as possible. With a wide range of vitamins and minerals to promote healthy growth.

Why We Love Hipp Dutch Stage 3 Formula?

  • Best for 12 months old to onwards babies
  • No artificial sweeteners and flavors
  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics
  • EU and biodynamic certified
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6
  • Formulated in Germany for Dutch markets
  • No added soy, nuts, wheat and eggs
  • No GMO

As babies develop into toddlerhood, this formula is a terrific companion. HiPP Dutch contains lactic acids to mimic the polyunsaturated fatty acids in breast milk. Vitamins A and C are added to the mix to help the body’s immune system. Vitamin D levels are also raised to aid bone and joint health.

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How To Prepare It?

Bring the water to a full boil before using. Fill the sanitized bottle halfway with water, then refrigerate until the temperature reaches 104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fill a sanitized bottle halfway with water and add the formula according to the table above. Use the spoon that came with the formula to ensure appropriate measuring and your baby’s health.

Shake the powder until it’s completely dissolved, and close the bottle tightly.

Fill the bottle to the desired level with the remaining boiled water from the second bottle.

Cool the freshly prepared formula to the appropriate temperature, usually around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Every order from Baby Organic Formula comes with a brand new, well-packaged box of HiPP Dutch Stage 3 baby formula. Before each box expires, it has at least six months left.