Lebenswert Formula

Lebenswert Formula

Lebenswert Milk Formula is a wonderful, nutritionally balanced formula for newborns and developing infants. It is made by Holle, one of the most reputable formula manufacturers in Europe, with years of experience.

You’ll be happy to know that Lebenswert organic infant formulae are free of chemical additives, artificial nutrition, artificial preservatives, gluten, soy, and GMO components. Contrary to most highly processed formulas made in the United States, Lebenswert formulas are created and packaged in Germany and never contain corn syrup, glucose syrup, or sucrose.

It provides young children with the nutrition their developing bodies require without artificial additives or soy and is advised by pediatricians in Europe and the United States. You can purchase the Lebenswert formula for the lowest prices on Organic Baby Formula.

Key Benefits

  • Formulated according to EU standards
  • No GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Free from preservatives and additives
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No synthetic pesticides
  • Contains natural vegetable oil
  • Enriched with natural wheat flour
  • Contains all the necessary nutrients and minerals

Why Should You Choose Lebenswert Formula For Your Babies?

The EU organic certification is included in all of Lebenswert’s formulations. The fact that the EU organic formula is free of GMOs, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, scents, and taste enhancers makes it some of the best formulas available.

You may be confident that goods bearing the EU organic emblem are prepared with at least 95% organic components, and using the final 5% non-organic ingredients is subject to tight regulations.

  • The non-organic ingredients in organic baby formula are usually fortified vitamins, minerals, and vital fatty acids that are required to be present to promote your child’s health. 
  • Only German and Austrian ranches are the source of Lebenswert’s excellent natural milk.
  • The cows still followed the strict natural norms of Bioland here.
  • In place of breast milk, the formula powder delivers organic milk and organic vegetable oil.
  • Nutrients, minerals, and essential unsaturated fats are all in raw milk.
  • They set up the formula for your child’s age in various stages. The treatment takes care of a child’s nutritional needs from birth on.

Lebenswert Formula Stages

  • Lebenswert Stage 1:  0-6 months babies
  • Lebenswert stage 2: 6+ months babies
  • Lebenswert Stage 3: 10+ months babies

The infant formula from Lebenswert is also referred to as the stage 1 formula from Lebenswert. Parents will use it to supplement or replace breast milk. It is safe to use their natural formula starting at birth. It comes with everything your child needs regarding accessories for the first six months.

In contrast to Lebenswert stage 1, stage 2 of the formula is reasonable from the sixth month. Later formulations come after breast milk. They have adapted to the requirements of older youngsters. They have started consuming mixed meal types.

Lebenswert stage 3 can be used from 10 months even though it supplies powdered infant formula. Till the beginning of your child’s third year, as an addition to the food mixture. This recipe is advantageous due to the high concentration of micronutrients it includes.

Why We Love Lebenswert Formula?

German infant formula manufacturer Lebenswert only purchases its premium organic milk from ranches that maintain their cows by the exacting Bioland organic requirements. With a basis of organic skimmed milk and organic whey enriched with vitamins and essential fatty acids, their formula powder is designed after breast milk.

Depending on your infant’s age, different formula production stages are used. Their formula selection covers your baby’s nutritional requirements from birth until the start of the third year of life.